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WWE Monday night Raw is the longest running weekly episodic telivision show. It homes what is considered to be one of the best WWE Tag teams, Next to the broken up Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker(SM) and Kane(R). This Wiki will tell you about its Superstars, history, PPVs and many other things about Monday Night Raw.



  • Here are the Raw matches for Breaking Point;
  • John Cena vs Randy Orton for WWE Championship I Quit Match.
  • Mark Henry and MVP vs Jericho and BIg Show for the Unified Tag Team Championships.
  • Next week's Raw host will be former host of 'The Price is Right', Bob Barker.
  • This may be a Raw article, but I hate to inform you that my favourite superstar on Smackdown, Jeff Hardy, lost a Loser Leaves Town Steel Cage Match against CM Punk. This means that he has left the WWE. Jeff wanted to focus on his artistic pursuits, so set up this match. WWE say there is always an open door on this show.
  • DX defeated legacy in an amzing match at Summerslam. Here is a video of how they reformed.



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